Pegging Around the Christmas Tree

It was the Christmas season. I had to work between Christmas and New Year which I hate to do as I love Christmas and like to make it a long break. The trains were running a reduced holiday service so it took me twice as long as usual to get back and it was cold and lashing with rain as I trudged down the lane to our cottage. My spirits were raised as I approached and a warm glow escaped through a crack in the living room curtains telling me Sophie had a fire going. I opened the door, took off my wet coat and muddy boots and walked into the living room.

She was lying on the rug in front of the fire wearing a tiny Santa Claus outfit that showed her stocking tops and suspenders. In her hand was a glass of steaming mulled wine, another stood on the low table beside her. “There you are darling, it looks horrid outside and I fancied something warm inside me… Would you care to indulge?” As she handed me my glass the tiny Santa outfit rode up to reveal that she was wearing no knickers. Not unusual for Sophie, but in the flickering firelight I spied a glisten from between her thighs and I suspected she may have been entertaining herself in anticipation of my arrival.
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Pegging – A Female Perspective

I have been asked by a number of people  for my perspective, as a female, on bending my boyfriend over and pegging him. The question from prospective peggers is ‘What do I get out of it?’ Is there physical pleasure for the woman, or is it all about domination and role-reversal? Also, the fear of ‘turning my boyfriend gay’ has been voiced.

Men of all sexual orientations may derive pleasure from having their prostate gland stimulated. The prostate is somewhere up their bum (as you can tell I’m no medical doctor) and stroking it can make him cum. Enjoying this doesn’t mean he is gay and it won’t turn him gay. If you like receiving anal sex because it feels good, it probably feels even better for him. That’s a good enough reason to try it at least once.

So, as the girl on top, what’s in it for me? Does pegging him make me cum?
Well, using a regular strap-on like the brilliant Red Rider, even though I love the excitement of being the dominant partner and making him climax through anal penetration, I don’t receive much direct genital stimulation from the dildo. But my hand is often positioned at the base of the dildo in an ideal position to masturbate myself. So I do, which works out very nicely for me, thankyou very much.
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First Time Pegging

It was my birthday. Sophie traditionally gives me a hot no holds barred time in the bedroom as an extra present. So, as I lay naked and handcuffed to the bedstead, I was in a state of high anticipation, which was apparent to the smirking Sophie due to my throbbing stiffy. She had stripped down to a basque and black hold ups, heavy slutty make-up. No knickers. As she is well aware this look does it it for me and she made the most of it, kneeling on the bed stroking my thighs and lower stomach but stopping before she reached my cock. “What’s the matter? Why’s it twitching like that?” she asked, “Does it want me to touch it?”
“Yes, I think it does”, I replied, on behalf of my cock.
“Well, I’m in charge here, and you are my bitch, so I’ll touch it whenever the fuck I want to and not before. OK? Or shall I get the riding crop and give it a flick to calm it down a bit. Does that sound like a good idea?” Sophie was in domination mode and was revelling in it.
“Answer me, shall I whip your dick to calm it down, bitch boy?”
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